No to aerosol

About 600 million aerosols are used in the UK every year, contributing healthily to our global waste issue. In one study, it was shown that if 1 million people just swapped to compressed aerosol products rather than regular, then 696 tonnes of CO2 would be stopped from entering our atmosphere, and enough aluminium for 20,000 bikes saved. Imagine if we stopped using aerosol completely! This is our aim, and why we stock plastic free deodorants and shaving soaps. Cutting all metals, plastic and harmful chemicals from being used in these products.

Bar Positivity

We stock a variety of soap, shaving, shampoo and conditioner bars. Why? These little bars seem insignificant, but they are one of the best products to buy if you want to save the planet during shower time. Our ‘Friendly Soap’ is biodegradable meaning that there is no negative impact on the environment, and are reef-safe, making them the best bathroom product to use! As they are solid there is no need for bottles, meaning a lot less plastic making its way to the sea. Most liquid shampoos and conditioners contain a lot of water, but because this has been removed from our bars, they last for the same amount of time as 2-3 bottles of liquid equivalent! Another bonus to no liquid is that you can pack them in hand luggage for flights- an all-round win in our opinion!

Liquid products

For those of you who enjoy liquid shampoo, conditioner and body wash, we stock ‘Faith in Nature’. A brand that produces products that are natural, cruelty-free and vegan. A great alternative to other brands of shower products that include harmful ingredients, some even contributing to dry and itchy scalps!

We have many more products from toothbrushes to toilet paper that we’d love you to try, so pop along to our shop and see how amazing these products are for yourself!

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