Britain’s coffee crisis

Disposable coffee cups are well-known for being harmful to our environment due to their polyethylene (plastic) lining, making the cups impossible to recycle with other rubbish. Around 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year in the UK, enough to circle the world five and a half times, with only 1 in 400 of these being recycled. Not only is this awful for our planet, but the taxpayer contributes to 90% of the costs required to dispose of these cups. Imagine where this money could be directed to, rather than paying to get rid of our coffee cups!

Why swap to our coffee?

Our beautiful beans offer you the chance to experience the delicious taste of a coffee shop under your own roof, whilst saving you money too. Buying beans may seem like more of a hassle, but there’s not much time difference from having to queue in your local shop. Not only are disposable coffee cups an issue, but so are coffee pods and the plastic packaging that coffee is sold in. Our beans come package free, cutting yet more rubbish from shop to your cup!

How to use your beans?

You will need to grind your beans to use them. The simplest way is to use a coffee bean grinder, but don’t worry if you don’t own one! Alternatives are, a pestle and mortar, a blender/food processor, or a rolling pin (place the coffee between tissues, and roll away!).

To brew your coffee, you can use a French press (you can probably buy a second hand one from online, or in a charity shop), or a filter method. To make the filter method more environmentally friendly use either unbleached paper, or a reusable cotton filter.

What to do with the grounds

Coffee grounds are the pulpy coffee left behind that many throw in the bin, but it has so much potential!

Feed your plants: Fertilize your plants (place the grounds on the top layer of soil), or add them to your compost. There is a lot of nutrition in the grounds which will help your plants to grown and stay healthy

Cleaning Scrub: You could use the grounds to scour surfaces, pots and pans. Rather than using chemicals to remove dirt, try coffee grounds. Although NEVER use them on material, or porous surfaces, as the grounds will stain.

Body Scrub: Mix some of your grounds with a little coconut oil for a luxurious and fabulous smelling body scrub. Alternatively, mix the grounds with honey to make a tasty lip scrub (it is safe to lick the scrub off too- yum!)

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