Earth Day

Earth Day

Posted by Taylor Bryant on 22nd Apr 2023

Earth Day: 22nd April
What is it and why does it matter?

Every year since 1970, the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22. Since the very start, over 190 countries have engaged in this project with the same objective to help save the earth.

Before earth day, many countries were oblivious to environmental concerns and day to day life included consuming leaded gas through automobiles, industries endlessly pumping smoke or sludge into the environment and the smell of air pollution just being the norm.


In 1969, after a huge oil spill in California, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin wanted to teach different places of education about pollution threats after being inspired by student anti-war movements. The senator employed republicans and activists to organise the educational talks and chose April 22 as the day to act. This date was chosen purposely, as it fell between final exams and spring break and therefore many students would participate. Once they realised the potential of this education, they rallied up 85 staff members to promote across the whole of America. They changed the name to Earth Day, which attracted media attention and soon the world wanted to know more.

Key Dates:

  • 1990:Earth Day goes global. This attracts 200 million people in 141 countries. This year, Earth Day boosts efforts for Recycling and inspires the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Brazil.
  • 1999-2000:The internet is used in the new millennium to organise activists across the world. 5000 environmental groups are attracted with a record of 184 countries getting involved. This year inspired a drum chain that travelled through different villages in Gabon, alongside a Washington DC rally. This was a major turn for world leaders, as citizens demanded loudly that they wanted action on global warming.
  • 2010:EarthDay.Org was re-established, in turn becoming a major step for global action.
  • As of today:EarthDay.Org has provided opportunities in 193 countries and engages more than 1 billion people each year. Annually this day represents a day of action to change behaviour in humans across the globe and create change.

How can I take individual action to support Earth Day and beyond?

There are multiple ways to support Earth Day! We have narrowed down our top three tips below; however, for more information on ways to support this organisation please visit their direct website!

1. - Adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle and avoid single-use items: Shopping at The Package Free Larder is a great step in the right direction to a more sustainable future. Single-use plastics such as carrier bags, bottles and tubs are directly impacting our planet. At The Package Free Larder, you can bring your own containers to fill up on products. Easy!

2. - Try meat-free meals: One tip to aim towards a meat-free lifestyle is adapting just one day in the week to a meat-free recipe. Use this meat-free day as an opportunity to try new foods, especially organic! The Package Free Larder can help to provide vegetarian and vegan ingredients and meal ideas, just ask a member of our team for any inspiration!

3. - Fight fast fashion: Avoid quick trends within fashion that will be only worn once or twice. Invest in long-term clothing, such as a good pair of jeans. Sometimes, it is worth investing in a piece of clothing if it will last years in your wardrobe. Cheaper garments are often made with virgin plastics that are harmful to the environment and are often wasted in landfill. Alongside this, avoid supporting fast fashion giants and start supporting small, local businesses. Shops such as second-hand or charity shops are also great ways to support Earth Day and your local community

These facts have been taken directly from and paraphrased for the purpose of this blog post.