All of our household cleaning products are refillable, meaning that there won’t be any packaging making its way to landfill from our shop! The packaging is one of the main issues with cleaning products with certain aerosol sprays containing harmful gases that are proven to damage the ozone layer (the layer that protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays). Most store-bought products also contain chlorine bleaches and phosphates which are known to cause serious damage to our environments- all of our products are free of these chemicals.

White Vinegar

A cheaper alternative to other chemical cleaners, this is a great multipurpose, all-natural cleaner, capable of cleaning mould, de-greasing, descaling (very important for the kettles of Portsmouth!), and a reliable antibacterial (better to use undiluted when using as an anti-bacterial). However, although this is great at many cleaning tasks NEVER use it on natural stone and wood surfaces, as it can really damage them. The best way to use white vinegar is to put it in a spray bottle, and look up recipes to make your own cleaning products. We are always happy to help you in store too!

Our other products

We know that white vinegar cannot be used for every kind of cleaning, which is why we stock many other cleaning products for you to use! Infused with fresh scents, like ginger and honeysuckle, you can be kind to your environment and nose- although we also sell unscented products which are just as fabulous!

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