Teabag vs Loose Leaf

Why regular teabags are harmful?

According to a study by Mcgill University from 2019, there are about 11.6 billion micro-plastics released into every cup of tea, which is thousands of times higher than plastic released into other foods that we eat. This is because teabags can contain up to 25% plastic, and as we brew our teabags in boiling water this increases the release of harmful plastics into our beloved beverage. Plastics aren’t the only problem, as most teabags are bleached, with certain companies even using chemicals to disguise the change in flavour caused by the bleaching process!

Why switch to loose leaf?

Although there are non-bleached, plastic-free tea bags, they are often packaged in a plastic wrapper. If you want to cut all plastic from your brew, loose leaf is the way to go!

  1. Super tasty- there are multiple tea grades, and loose leaf is the highest quality, as the whole leaf needs to be used. Teabags use the worst quality broken leaves, which usually have a more bitter flavour.
  2. Reusable- you can brew loose leaf more than once. When you have finished with your first use, place the tea in an area where it can dry out and use within a day or two.
  3. Compostable- Loose leaf can be put in your home compost, unlike teabags, which may even say that they are ‘biodegradable’. This often means that they are only industrially biodegradable, so they wouldn’t break down in our home compost as it won’t reach high enough temperatures.
  4. Cheaper- ironically buying loose leaf can work out cheaper than buying 100s of teabags! All you need is a tea strainer (one without plastic components is better), and some of our wonderful tea!
  5. Feel Good Factor- Using loose tea makes you feel really fancy! Having a tea making ceremony during a busy day can really work its magic, providing you with a few minutes of well-earned down-time.

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