Unavailable - Italian Dark Roast - Coffee Beans

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Italian Roast Coffee is a strong, rich brew with a great taste. The term “Italian Roast” refers to the degree of roast applied to the beans. When it comes to Italian Roast Coffee, that degree is notably high. Italian-roasted Coffee beans bare minimal resemblance to green beans, especially with bold acidic notes.

This particular beverage is made using only the finest quality blend of Asian Robusta Bean Coffees with notes characterised as bittersweet coupled with subtle charred hints. If you need Coffee to get you out of bed in the morning, one would be hard-pressed to find a better brew than our Italian Roast Coffee.

Roast: Dark

Caffeine Level: High

Origin: South America

This product does not contain any of the FSA standard 14 allergens.

Allergy statement: Due to the nature of Zero-Waste shopping, nearly all allergens are present in the shop. Whilst we have done our best to separate products and use precaution with allergens, we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination or absence of any particular allergens.