Columbian 'Five Bells' Coffee Beans by Bubblehead Barista

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Columbian 'Five Bells' coffee beans by Portsmouth's own coffee roaster Bubblehead Barista.

Coffee Details:

Country: Colombia

Location: Chaparral, Tolima

Altitude: 1700-2000 masl

Varietals: Mixed

Process: Washed

Cup Score: 84.5

Cup Profile: Peach, Orange, Milk Chocloate & Caramel

This product does not contain any of the FSA standard 14 allergens.

This coffee comes from Surcafe who are an association of coffee growers in the southern part of Tolima, Colombia. They are are located in the “cañón de las hermosas”, a national park known for its beauty. In the past it has also an are heavily affected by the civil war within Colombia and the Guerilla warfare. In this area the farms range from 1500 - 2100 masl. The association was created in September of 2017 with the goal of improving quality and helping find new markets for their coffees. It is made up of 117 associates, with 43 of them being organic certified.