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We are recruiting Committee Members!

The Package Free Larder operates as a non-profit community shop, and is predominantly run by volunteers.

Our goal is to eliminate packaging at the source and put power back into the hands of the consumer by making plastic-free shopping easy and affordable. Our store is run by the community for the community and as a not-for-profit social enterprise, all profits will be reinvested into the shop and local projects aiming to better Portsmouth & Southsea communities.

Since September 2018, the Package Free Larder's committee has been working together to make our ideas a reality. We had an initial launch event in March 2019 to our Crowdfunding campaign during June to August 2019, raising over £43k to open the store. 

Our Committee members are dedicated and passionate individuals; while it is all voluntary, it does require commitment that can be relied upon.

Brief Overview: 

As a Committee Member you share responsibility for directing the activity of the organisation, ensuring it is well run and delivering the outcomes for which it has been set up.

HR Committee Member: We are looking for an experienced HR person to lead our HR workstream and guide our committee on all things HR. The HR workstream will have multiple roles that will assist the inner-workings of the shop but will mainly work directly with staff, committee members and volunteers to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. The HR workstream leader may recruit other HR workstream volunteers as needed to complete the tasks allocated.

How to apply:

1. Read our role description & more information about how we operate here:

- HR Role Description

2. Send an email to to express interest.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing team.


The PFL Committee