Bamboo Razor by Jungle Culture

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  • £19.50

Premium Stainless Steel & Bamboo Razor. Made using high quality stainless steel/nickel and natural bamboo.

Available in two stylish models:

Model 1: Thick handle - Dark Wood

Model 2: Thin handle - Light Wood

Product Contents:

1 x Bamboo Safety Razor

1 x Natural Jute Travel Pouch

1 x Eco Kraft Gift Box

Jungle Culture Gift Box:

Comes packaged in an eco-friendly, kraft paper gift box.

Natural Jute Pouch:

The travel pouches are made from natural jute and large enough to carry a razor, some blades and a small shaving foam.

Simple to Use:

Safety razors are simple to use and offer an easy solution to ending plastic waste created by disposable razors.