Original Energy - Gusto (Fairtrade, Organic), 250ml

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The recipe for Gusto Original remains unchanged, blending 14 Chinese herbs with organic apple juice, Amazon guarana and cola nut from the rainforests of Africa that works naturally with your body.

For millenia, the Guarani tribe in Brazil used guarana to stave off hunger and give them speed and agility whilst hunting. For Guarani peoples, guarana has both practical and spiritual uses and is revered as an aphrodisiac, a source of stimulation and a means to prolong life.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, apple juice from concentrate*, caramel*, botanical extracts, lemon juice form concentrate*, natural flavouring, guarana*, kola nut, panax ginseng*, chrysanthemum flower, chinese angelica, spine date seed, siberian ginseng*, panax pseudoginseng, red sage root, red peony root, figwort root, szechuan lovage root, fourleaf ladybell root, american ginseng. * denotes certified organic.

Certified Organic