About us

As Portsmouth’s first plastic-free supermarket we would like to say ‘hello’! We love our planet and our community, and we want to introduce you guys to live in harmony together. Founded by Delphine Laveyne from ‘Zero Waste Portsmouth’, we want to continue the mission of sharing ideas and skills on how to become more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the generosity of 905 donors we were able to raise an incredible £43,765, enabling our shop to become a reality. We want everyone to feel welcome, whether you’re trying the plastic-free lifestyle for the first time, or a seasoned environmentalist- they’ll be no judgement here, only encouragement!

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What is a social enterprise?

We care about people and the planet, over profit. By being a social enterprise this means that all of our profits are reinvested back into our shop and community, allowing us to further develop, as well as run, events and workshops encouraging the community to try plastic-free alternatives. Our shop wouldn’t be able to run without our fabulous team of dedicated volunteers, who have donated countless hours to set-up and run our shop, and it is through our volunteers and customers that we hope to become a community hub, where we can all embark on an adventure to sustainability together.

Why reduce your packaging?

In the 2018/2019 financial year the recycling rate in the UK was only 25.5%, with Portsmouth ranking the 14th worst city in the UK for recycling rates nationally. With figures like this, it is clear that more shops focusing on zero packaging are needed. Plastic is one of the worst for recycling, with only 46.2% been recovered and recycled in 2017, the second lowest to wood. If we were able to cut plastic from our lifestyles it would mean one less commodity to recycle! Shockingly, 221 million tonnes of UK waste was generated in 2016, with 12.7 % coming from household or similar waste. The moon only weighs an estimated 73.5 million tonnes, meaning that the UK threw away 3x the weight of the moon in just one year!

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What we're all about

Affordable: It is a common misconception that going package free is expensive, and although there are products that cost more upfront, they usually work out cheaper in the long term! We believe in building an all-inclusive community, and that means involving everyone from all backgrounds!

Power back to the consumer: With materials like plastic already in our food-chain we really need to change how we consume products. We offer plastic-free alternatives to many foods, and other household products, which are not only better for our planet, but for your body too! If you want to learn more about why you should swap check out our blog!

Friendly: We want everyone to feel included in our mission. If you are just starting out on your journey to producing less waste then we are here to help! Equally, if you are already on that journey then we would love to make it easier with our package free products!

Meet the team

Connie Fenner

Delphine Laveyne

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