We currently have the following recycling schemes in-store which you can use during our opening hours.

All of the money raised through these schemes are to be transfered to local community groups or charities.


We collect the following 'recyclable' items:

# Dry Colour Cosmetics (eyeshadow palettes, blushers, highlighters) - To be upcycled into artists paint by Ameenah at Cos Watercolours
# Ink Cartridges - Money raised for the New Royal Theatre
# Oral Hygiene Packaging, any brands. *PLEASE NOTE* - we no longer recycle toothpaste tubes. 
# Plastic lids (milk bottle tops only) - Money raised for 12th Portsmouth Cathedral Guides and 1st Portsmouth Rangers


More information on accepted waste can be found below:

*PLEASE NOTE* We no longer recycle toothpaste tubes!