Washing-up Pad, Loofah Plant (Loofco)

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Made from the dried husk of the gourd fruit (relative of the cucumber) this wahs-up loofah provides a durable, non-scratch, washing up companion. 

  • Can be composted at the end of its natural life
  • Biodegradable & recyclable alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges
  • Supports traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages
  • Hand made in Egypt
  • Made from sustainable raw materials
  • Vegan friendly
  • May appear abrasive in its dry state, but when immersed in water the pad will swell to become a soft, spongy
  • Fits neatly in your hand - use in warm water with washing-up liquid
  • Soft enough for non-stick pans, supple enough to fit into mugs
  • Soak & remove baked-on food first for best results
  • To keep your loofah fresh between uses, squeeze out any excess water, shake out any food particles and hang it to dry from the cotton string loop. Occasionally wash in the washing machine or by hand if you like